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Buying tadalafil in mexico. I had the misfortune to buy this brand name here where I bought it with the intention of buying it next day. When I got to the warehouse, they were still selling it for 100 pesos a pill. I got lucky. They didn't like to sell it for 100 pesos since wasn't what the customer wanted. I asked owner and they agreed to let me buy it for 50 pesos, which I tried the next day and got to enjoy as well. I was a happy customer as I got to enjoy it the following day, which was also my birthday. If the brand name and image is bad the product bad, why would anyone buy it anyway when you are happy with the cheap stuff in warehouse. I bought that 50 peso bottle of tadalafil canada generic drug prices for the following day and it was good. I don't mind saying so, because I have that type of customer. However, I don't think it's smart to push tadalafil as a life saving drug when you cannot afford it and the brand is so bad because the product is so bad. You do not get better in quality when you charge more for the product and I know it may sound like I'm a greedy person. However, if you charge more for the product, consumers will go to other stores and pay an extra 50 pesos to buy a brand that they like. We have a store near my house that sells brand names and when I walk in the front door I know they will give me something very good and my money back. It's a good thing not to push a product you can't afford when think it's your right to pay more just because you can. I also understand from the people at pharmacy that my problem with diazoxide was just a product issue and they have a product offer specifically to the diabetic male about 8% less expensive than theirs. They make no claim have found a miracle drug for the male patient. Even worse, they have no record, buy tadalafil mastercard only a name and number! We've taken the man out of store three times. We don't get angry or upset, but still we're concerned about the quality of tadalafil 5mg buy their product. I don't understand why a drug for male patient is so much more expensive! As I'm sure some people will say that we just don't put in an effort or we have too many other problems or just don't care, we should do everything to improve the quality of our products and therefore should charge only 10% of the standard price. Now you can't be a business unless you care, and that's not our way. I guess we're just not used to being that business offers a cheaper generic drug. You can never keep all people happy and they are not necessarily happy with you. In our case we have several people who been satisfied for this price period by choosing generic drugs because no one else was offering the drug for this price. If you have a loyal customer, do things right. Make a difference. Pay attention to what they are saying and be respectful of them. Just because the customer is not happy with your product, do not cut corners. I know there are always going to be bad people, but if you are offering quality and willing to work with people and improve your product, perhaps someone with a bad point of view will come around in a couple of years and they get over it. If this were my business, I'd be worried about this. I can understand if people think a drug is too good to be true. If this were my business, I'd start selling only good drug as soon people found out